Gersevanov Research Institute of Bases and Underground Structures named after N.M. Gersevanov (NIIOSP) is the leading organization of the Russian construction industry in the field of in the foundation engineering and underground development. 

The establishment of NIIOSP dates back to 1931 as, at that time called, the All-Soviet Union Institute for Mixed Bases and Foundations (VIOS). In 1958 the Institute was appointed a principal agency in the field of foundation engineering and underground development. In 1966 the Institute was awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labour, and in 1973 it was re-named after Nikolay Gersevanov, its founder, a distinguished Russian scholar and a pioneer of the national school of soil mechanics. As of 1994 onwards, NIIOSP has been a sectoral research institute, a joint member of the Research Centre for Construction (JSC NITS Stroitelstvo).

Countrywide participation of NIIOSP in more or less all major assets development be that high-rise buildings in Moscow, the Moscow Metro, the Ostankino TV Tower, or Norilsk Mining and Smelting Enterprise, other larger factories (Tolyatti, Zaporozhie, NaberezhnyeChelny, Cherepovets, etc.), site structures and facilities operating the deposits of ore, coal, oil and gas resources (Kursk, Vorkuta, Urengoy, Yakutsk, etc.) is a well-acknowledged fact.

Development of the unique completed projects in Cuba, Bulgaria, India, Egypt, Iran, Yugoslavia and other countries was carried out with active participation of NIIOSP. 

Over the years of its existence, the scientists well known for their scientific achievements and contribution into soil mechanics and foundation engineering both in Russia and abroad have worked in the Institute. Among them are N. M. Gersevanov, V.V. Askalonov, Y.M. Abelev, D.D. Barkan, V.G. Bulychev, S.S. Vyalov, B.P. Gorbunov, M.I. Gorbunov-Posadov, K.E. Egorov, M.F. Kiselev, G.M. Mariupolsky, V.O. Orlov, V.P. Petrukhin, G.I. Pokrovsky, D.E. Polshin, B.P.Popov, G.V. Porkhaev, A.M. Pchelintsev, B.A. Rzhanitsyn, K.V. Ruppeneyt, A.V. Sadovsky, N.M. Sokolov, V.E. Sokolovitch, V.V. Sokolovsky, E.A. Sorochan, L.R. Stavnitser, A.S. Stroganov, R.A. Tokar, I.A. Tutunov, D.I. Fedorovich, M.N. Fukson, Kh.R. Khakimov, N.A. Tsytovich, I.I. Cherkasov, O.Y. Shekhter to name but a few.

Nowadays, their disciples and successors are promoting the Institute’s best scientific practice and traditions.

At present the Institute comprises over 200 highly qualified specialists with the background in geotechnics.

The NIIOSP scientists achievements and contribution into the industry have been commemorated by 23 National Awards, 17 Awards of the Cabinet of Ministers, the Russian Federation Government Award (2014) and by other insignias of the former USSR and Russian Federation, as well as gold and silver medals of the Exhibition of Economic Achievements (VDNKH) and All-Russian Exhibition Centre (VVC), Certificates of Honour granted by many Russian and International Expos.

A number of NIIOSP specialists are awarded honorary titles: Honored Scientist of the RF, Emeritus Builder of the RF, Honored Builder of the RF, Honored Builder of Moscow.

The institute is home for the Russian Society of Soil mechanics, Geotechnics and Foundation Engineering (RSSMGFE) and contributes to Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering Journal.

Throughout the years of its existence, the NIIOSP directors are listed below with the years of their governance:

Nikolay Gersevanov1931 – 1950

VasilyZamaraev 1950 – 1954

Roman Tokar 1955 – 1970 

VasilyBulychev 1971 – 1972 

Boris Fedorov 1972 – 1985 

Vyacheslav Ilyichev 1985 – 2006

Valery Petrukhin 2006 – April 2014

Igor Kolybin May 2014 till present

In October 2011 NIIOSP celebrated the 80thanniversary of its establishment.

For many years of dedicated work, significant personal contribution to the scientific and practical activities and in connection with the 80thanniversary of the NIIOSP establishment, the heads of departments, leading specialists and employees were awarded by the Ministry of Regional Development of the Russian Federation, the City of Moscow Government, and JSC NITs Stroitelstvo management board.