High-rise construction

One of the main professional business activities of NIIOSP today is to evolve new approaches to the foundations structural design and earth foundations calculation to ensure the reliability of the modern high-rise construction. The Institute greatly contributed to the construction of the pilot Moscow high-risers.

High-rise construction requires major additional requirements to the engineering surveys, design activities and construction technology.

As for the surveys, it means more profound consideration of the soil conditions related to acknowledgement of significant man-induced soil columns typical of large cities as well as complicated paleotopography and high density of the existing development. Additionally, it is very applicable for Moscow to encounter deep soil massive deposits which, in fact, cause additional complication in view of the need to transfer considerable loads onto sand and clay soils of quaternary deposits that possess excessive modulus of compression.

When proceeding with design, it is required to ensure a more reliable prediction for the soil bases behavior and framework dynamics of the building under construction. The aforestated is needed to identify the optimum solution for its base, foundations, and basement, as well as for the rightful interpretation of the changes taking place within the ‘base-foundation-nonfoundation structure’ system in course of the asset construction and after its completion.

In the case of high-rise construction, monitoring activities shall be carried out in view of the entire adjacent development within the construction impact zone in addition to the asset under construction itself. The complex monitoring programme results from the particular soil and geotechnical conditions, and aims at detection of correspondence or non-correspondence of the forecast and actual parameters to be monitored in order to ensure prompt response in any hazardous event.

On the basis of the already gained experience in the sphere of scientific construction supervision of large and complicated assets, the Institute is in possession of integrated academic database to assure safety and reliability of the modern urban development, including its high-rise segment.

To settle the matter of a reliable foundation for high-rise structures and buildings, NIIOSP has originated a number of progressive foundation structures, namely piled, slabs, piled slabs and else meant for bearing significant loads. Also, there have been generated particular methods for their calculation, design and construction, artificial transformation of the soil body to enable them to withstand increased loads.

All this NIIOSP research work has been successfully approved and is widely applied in practice. For the past few years, NIIOSP has actively contributed and shared its advances in course of construction of 25-storey residential buildings in Ryazansky Prospekt, Yaroslavskoe Shosse, Veernaya Ulitsa. Other high-rise buildings and mixed over-/underground complexes have been erected in different districts of Moscow; among them are the following: Edelveis (Davydkovskaya Ulitsa), Triumph Palace (Chapaevsky Pereulok), Alye Parusa (Aviatsionnaya Ulitsa), and others.

Numerous advisory and governing documents in the sphere of geotechnics have been compiled by NIIOSP experts and are applicable for design and construction activities of the high-rise buildings. Among them are the following: Design of the multifunctional high-rise buildings and building complexes in Moscow (MGSN 4.19-2005 Moscow Urban Construction Norms); Temporary recommendations on technology and construction management of the multifunctional high-rise buildings and building complexes in Moscow (MDS 12-23022006 Construction Guidelines), etc.

The Institute also contributed to elaboration of Corporate Standard Design and Construction of the bases, foundations and substructures of the multifunctional high-rise buildings and building complexes (STO 36554501-008-20906).

All that allows for successful implementation of a new investment programme Novoe Koltso Moskvy.

The Institute professional divisions can provide the services to assure reliability and safety of the high-rise construction in the following scope:

  • Analysis of geotechnical conditions and elaboration of the activities on the soil transformation to enable them to withstand intensive loads
  • Computation and design of the foundations for high-rise buildings
  • Settlements assumption for the soil bases
  • Scientific and technical supervision of the design and construction of the high-rise buildings
  • Monitoring in course of high-rise projects implementation.