Geotechnical surveys

Present-day urban development, both surface and subsurface, imposes particular requirements for the extent, scope and quality of the geotechnical surveys.

The NIIOSP surveying team is staffed by highly qualified professionals, equipped with up-to-date equipment, patented CPT systems, plate-bearing test equipment for soil testing covered by 5 RF patents. The soil testing laboratory is furnished with the soil testing devices allowing for advanced soil testing methods.

Geotechnical surveys are carried out for any construction criticality ratings in any geotechnical conditions including the earthquake prone areas, permafrost and heaving soils and others featuring particular properties.

The lead specialists of the geotechnical survey division deal with the expert reviews of surveying programmes for Class I buildings and structures as well as unique constructions, i.e. Moscow high-rise buildings, Sochi-2014 Olympic assets, etc.

Other devices and equipment are being elaborated to fulfill such field works as screw-in soil tests, and rigging equipment for drilling machines for jacking and extracting cones of static penetration tests.

On the basis of accumulated experience, NIIOSP has elaborated and issued the Geotechnical and Geo-ecological Surveys Manual for the City of Moscow (Moskomarchitektura, М., 2004).

Below is a list of sites where the geotechnical survey activities were conducted by NIIOSP:

1. Moscow City
Total area of about 740K m2 to develop 3 building complexes with the total number of aboveground floors in the range of 6 to 87 and underground levels from 4 to 7.

2. Setunsky Proezd
Total area of about 2K m2 to develop a high-rise business complex with a multistorey underground part.

3. Khoroshevskoe Shosse
Total area of about 25K m2 to develop a 20-50-storey residential complex with an underground parking garage.

4. Donskoy Proezd
Total area of about 30K m2 to develop a high-rise multifunctional complex with multilevel underground premises.

5. Vasilisy Kozhinoy Ulitsa
Total area of about 30K m2 to develop a high-rise above-/underground office and sport complex.

NIIOSP geotechnical survey division can be contracted for the performance of the activities as follows:

  • Geotechnical, geo-physical and geo-ecological surveys
  • Laboratory tests of soils to identify their structural properties
  • Expert conclusions on construction geotechnical survey programmes, data and reports
  • Design of equipment for soil plate-bearing tests, rigging equipment for static penetration tests, etc.
  • Special field soil tests (deep plate tests, probing, pressuremeter tests, etc.).