About the Institute

Gersevanov Research Institute of Bases and Underground Structures (NIIOSP) is the largest in Russia and knownworld-wide Institute specializing in the field of foundations and substructures and dealing with the entire range of geotechnical matters inclusive of surveying activities, scientific research, design and construction of foundations and substructures for the buildings of various functional destinations without limitation to the severe soil environment and climate-relevant conditions.

Professor Nikolay Gersevanov was the founder of NIIOSP.

Within the span of years 2006 through April 2014, Valery Petrukhin, Prof., Dr. in Engineering Science was occupying the post of Director at NIIOSP and awarded such titles as the Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation, Laureate of the USSR State Prize, Honored Builder of Moscow. By the Presidential Decree No. 810 dd. June 29, 2010 Valery Petrukhin was awarded the Order of Friendship.

In May 2014, Igor Kolybin, PhD in Engineering Science was appointed Director of NIIOSP.

Theory and Practice in regulation of the soil stress-strain state in course of new construction and renovation activities in the constraint urban conditions, a piece of scientific work created by the NIIOSP team of contributing writers, was awarded the Russian Federation Government Prize in Science and Technology for the year of 2013. 

The prize was awarded to the team of seven Institute experts, namely V.P. Petrukhin, M.N. Ibragimov, O.A. Mozgacheva, I.K. Popsuenko, V.V. Semkin, O.A. Shuliatiev, P.I. Yastrebov.

Another team of Gersevanov Research Institute of Bases and Underground Structures (NIIOSP) within JSC NITs Stroitelstvo was awarded the Professor S. Ukhov Diploma, namely I.G. Ladyzhensky, I.V. Kolybin, K.I. Bakirov, A.V. Sergienko, for the design of the slab-pile foundation for one of the Moscow City high-risers involving yielding integration of the pile heads with the foundation raft.